Counseling Sessions

Individual Counseling Sessions

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Focus on Nutrition and Digestive Health

Individual counseling sessions are provided to offer each client a safe, supportive environment to discover how food can enhance performance, heal from diet culture, disordered eating, and digestive health ailments. All sessions are collaborative and encourage reflection on eating patterns and how pushing self towards eating pattern changes can be the missing piece to becoming your best self yet.

My private practice specializes in nutrition and digestive health. However, not surprising, a diet that nourishes the digestive tract is highly beneficial for many other conditions. Other areas of great interest and specialty include:

·        Sports Nutrition: Focus area for those involved in recreational, high school, and collegiate athletics

·        Eating disorders: Focus area for young adolescents-adults including both men and women

·        Weight management: Focus area for any individual looking to manage a healthier lifestyle through gradual change of behaviors and patterns