About Bridget Easley

Hello, I’m Bridget Easley!

I started my private practice, Power Nutrition, on the premise that real, wholesome, nourishing food has the ability and power to provide the body with all the fuel it needs daily to be at it’s best no matter what nutritional goals we have set for ourselves. With influences from media, magazines, peers, and misleading diet trends, food often is turned away from rather looked at for its true purpose. Nutrition information becomes overly complicated and we are left feeling uncertain as to what foods are really the best to eat. It comes down to simplicity. Food isn’t meant to be complicated.

It’s the choices and information in front of us daily that make us feel overwhelmed and that eating healthfully is ‘too much work and effort or that healthy foods taste bad.’ Once the truth is discovered through action, by feeling the powerful positive impact that balanced and healthful choices provide the body, we then stop looking for that quick magic fix. The magic happens by increasing awareness and making food choices daily that provide the body with opportunity to: BE FUELED, ENHANCED, HEALED.

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Bridget Easley MS, RDN, LMNT has over 16 years of nutrition counseling experience. She received her BS in Nutrition and Dietetics from Northwest Missouri State University. She went on to complete her Masters Degree in Nutrition and Health Sciences at the University of Nebraska. She specializes in individualized nutrition counseling for individuals of all ages. She provides evidenced based nutrition counseling in gastrointestinal health, eating disorders, sports nutrition, and weight management. 

Bridget has always had a passion for health and fitness, being an avid competitor runner. It was during her numerous training cycles over the years, competing at a high level, where she discovered first hand the positive impact nutrition had with improving her performance. She qualified for the US Olympic Marathon Trials in 2012. She credits hard work and training in addition focus on achieving nutritional adequacy as key factors in helping her achieve this goal.

She is truly passionate about helping her clients discover how food patterns created and choices made can be modified over time to allow the body to function at it’s best. Avoiding foods or deeming them as bad only leads to a dissatisfying relationship with food. She firmly believes that all foods can fit into a healthy balanced lifestyle, but one must first discover how food choices affect the way our bodies respond. We truly are what we eat and the choices we make daily impact us from the moment we take that first bite. She is a daily witness to the positive life changing impact nutrition awareness brings to her clients.

Bridget also works directly with Gastroenterology Specialities PC in Lincoln.

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